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Full-time degree students

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International Office

Registrar’s Office

Faculty of Humanities


Office Hours

(Building D 1st Floor, Front Office)


Monday 10:00 – 12:00

Tuesday 12:30 – 14:00

Wednesday 10:00 – 12:00

Thursday 12:30 – 14:00

Friday: CLOSED


 Registration at the Immigration Office

Every foreign citizen is required to register at the Immigration Office. EU/EGT citizens must do it within 90 days and non-EU citizens within 30 days after their arrival. For the required documents please contact the Faculty coordinator. For more information and booking an appointment, please visit the website of the Office of Immigration and Nationality at Address: 7623 Pécs, Csend u. 3.


 Tasks to do at the beginning of the semester (academic year 2017/2018)



Enrolment / activation

 25 August, 2017 – 8 September, 2017

Issuing certificates of student status (only for enrolled and registered students)


from 4 September, 2017

Deadline to turn passive status into active (late activation)

8 September, 2017

Deadline to turn active status into passive (late passivation)

30 September, 2017

Registration period for courses in NEPTUN 1-8 September, 2017
Withdrawal from courses and late registration for courses in NEPTUN

1-30 September, 2017




For the detailed schedule, click here.



- After the deadlines are over, we are unable to help you. Please SEND YOUR COMPLAINTS, notices by e-mail or personally to the administrative officer BEFORE THE DEADLINE!

-  Before you log in to the Neptun, please allow pop-up windows on your computer.

- Please read all the messages in Neptun, otherwise you will miss important information and notifications.


Enrolment (only in the first semester)

The freshman is obliged to enrole and to set his/her status to active in NEPTUN.

Good to know:

- Only that student is able to register courses who has set his/her status to active.

- Only that student is entitles to attend the classes of a course whose name is in the course’s name list in NEPTUN, so has a valid course registration.

- Only that student is entitled to sing up for the exam in a course whose name is in the given course’s name list.

Enrolment period: 25 August – 8 September 2017

Procedure: in NETUN system at: (You can access NEPTUN by using your NEPTUN code and your password. You will receive both of them in the Orientation Days.)


The enrollment procedure will be done on the Orientation Days with the help of the colleagues of the Registrar’s Office. Please see the Welcome Letter.


Registration (from the second semester)

Additional enrolment is not required during student status. In the subsequent semesters students are only required to indicate whether they intend to continue their studies in the given training period (Active semester) or suspend their studies (Passive semester). Registration should be done in NEPTUN between 25 August and 5 September, 2017.

If you do not have password, please contact:


Registration for courses: 1-8 September, 2017


Modifying the registration for courses until 30 September, 2017

If there are conflicts in the student’s timetable or for any other reason the student does not wish to take the course registered in NEPTUN, he/she can withdraw from the course. The student’s timetable or withdrawal from a registered course may make it necessary to register for a course after the regular registration week.


This deadline is important, because there is no possibility to withdraw from a course later.


Paying the tuition fee

The tuition fee can be paid in three instalments. The deadline for payment of the:

- 1st instalment: 25 August, 2017 (40%)

- 2nd instalment: 15 October, 2017 (30%)

- 3rd instalment: 15 November, 2017 (30%)


You can meet your payment obligation in the following ways:

- VPOS: payment by credit card in NEPTUN

- POS: payment by credit card at the terminals installed at the Customer Service of the Central Registrar’s Office and at certain cashier’s offices

- by bank transfer: with the name of the university (Pécsi Tudományegyetem) bank account number of the university (10024003-00282716-00000000), the message field should contain your name and your NEPTUN code

- in cash: at the cashier’s office of the UP


For the financial information of your training programme (such as payment status, requesting an invoice or tax certificate), please contact the Central Registrar’s Office:

Please check your financial data in NEPTUN regularly, and if you see any deviation, report it at the Central Studies Office.


Applying for Student Card

For more information, click here. (



I wish you a successful semester!

Best regards,

Mária Huszár-Mánfai