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Welcome to the website of the UP Faculty of Humanities.


The Faculty of Humanities, the University of Pécs is one of the most outstanding institutions of higher education in Hungary. It has been ranked as one of the best among the ten faculties of the University for several years. In the national ranking, which measures the quality of all the faculties operating in the country (nearly 170 in 2014), it has been able to secure a distinguished 10th–12th place.  This position reflects the excellence of both our teaching staff and our students.

Our graduates have a very good chance of finding a job: forty percent of our students have a full-time job at the time of graduation, and the average time of finding a job is three months.

The Faculty represents three main disciplines: humanities, social science and psychology/education, and there is a strong tradition of close cooperation between these three areas.

The trainings pursued at the Faculty cover the entire range of higher education, including higher-level vocational training, basic-level (BA) training, postgraduate (MA) training, doctoral (PhD) training and postgraduate specialist training.

One-quarter the UP’s students pursue their studies at our Faculty, and 90% of our students continue their studies at the MA level. The Faculty runs seven doctoral schools, the most at the UP, representing one-third of all the doctoral programmes.

The Faculty of Humanities has a rich tradition in the teaching and research of classical liberal art disciplines such as linguistics and literature, history, ethnography, anthropology, foreign languages and cultures, psychology, philosophy aesthetics; and within social science: communication, sociology, social work, political science, international studies.  Our Faculty is strongly involved in the teaching of and research into areas related to the Hungarian minorities, playing an important regional role in the area of German and Croatian minority language and culture. It has a unique role in the entire country in the teaching and study of romology (Roma languages and cultures).

Internationally renowned and famous professors work at our Faculty, and our staff members participate in numerous research projects carried out in the framework of international cooperation.

The atmosphere at our institution is friendly and tolerant, with student–teacher relationship based on mutual respect.

With its botanic garden and sports centre, the Faculty’s central campus is located 15 minutes away from the town centre, and one of its institutions works in the Zsolnay Cultural Quarter.

Pécs was the European Capital of Culture in 2010. The winning tender proposal was written by one of our colleagues. The Faculty is deeply embedded in the cultural and intellectual life of the town.

We welcome interested students to our training programmes offered in foreign languages. Apply now for a place at our Faculty. Come and see us – once you have visited our website on the Internet – and learn more about our institution.

Prof. Dr. Tamás Bereczkei