How to survive...

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...the first days in Pécs

When you first arrive in the town, Pécs welcomes you with open arms. However, just to make sure that you experience the wealth of opportunities as a friendly welcome rather than as a frightening foreign gesture, we would like to give you a few basis points of orientation for the first few days.

When you arrive – either by coach or by train – it’s a good idea to buy a season ticket for the local buses. You can get to the Ifjúság Street Campus by taking bus No. 2 or No. 30. The monthly student pass costs HUF 3710 and is valid for the first day of the current month up to the fifth day of the next month.

You can choose to live in a dormitory or rent a room or a flat. Erasmus students can be accommodated in the Hunyor Guesthouse. You should contact the faculty coordinator. If you are not an Erasmus student, you should contact the Student Benefits and Dormitory Committee in regard to accommodation. If you prefer to rent a flat, there are numerous websites or even a Facebook group where you can browse for advertisements.

Although the Ifjúság Street campus has its own cafeteria, there are several student-friendly restaurants nearby. Whether it is a gyros sandwich, a take-away soup or a meal with several courses, you don’t need to walk more than 200 metres to get something tasty.

At the beginning of the semester there are lots of things to do, but never forget that in addition to registration and signing up for classes, this is the time to apply for social benefits. For more information, visit the Student Benefits and Dormitory Committee located in the Student Centre next to Block D between 9 am and 3 pm every day. If you have any problem or question related to your studies, the faculty coordinator will assist you.

Never forget what everybody knows since Douglas Adams published The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy: the most important thing is not to panic! We will help!