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Procedure of application for the international trainings of the Faculty of Humanities

Applicants should first review the trainings offered by the Faculty in foreign languages and then choose the appropriate programme. The following programmes are available:

MA in English Studies, MA in International Relations, MA in German Literature and Culture, MA in German as a Minority Language for Foreigners, BA in Psychology, BA in English and American Studies, BA in International Relations, Doctoral Programme in English Applied Linguistics.

The intention to apply should be indicated to Mrs. Vanda Bőczin-Sirkeci at the Office of International Relations, Innovation and Grants (, the Faculty’s Erasmus coordinator, who will forward the inquiry to the coordinator of the given programme. The application procedure will then take place in accordance with the information provided by the pogramme coordinator of the relevant department. Once the requested electronic documents have been received (a copy of the documents certifying qualification and language proficiency) and the (non-refundable) EUR 140 registration fee has been paid, the eligibility of the applicant is evaluated. The copy of the bank statement certifying payment should also be sent electronically to Frau Vanda Bőczin-Sirkeci.

Upon receiving the registration fee, the Faculty sends a Letter of Registration to the applicant which confirms registration and provides additional information on application. Then the applicant will be notified (within 5-10 working days) about the decision. If the decision is positive, the applicant should transfer the tuition fee to the bank account specified. Upon receiving the tuition fee, the Faculty sends a Letter of Acceptance, which is a prerequisite for visa application. It is the task and the responsibility of the applicant to apply for a visa (and take out a health insurance policy, which is also a prerequisite for the visa application).

Then the student with a valid visa should arrive at the given training location by the time classes begin but not later than 15 September of the academic year to begin his/her studies. At this point, all matters related to studies are transferred to the administrator working at the Registrar’s Office, Ms. Eva Kovács-Samu ( Applicants who requested accommodation are accommodated in one of the Faculty’s dormitories. The fees should be borne by the applicant. Applicants who did not request placement in a dormitory should find accommodation on their own.

Upon arrival, the applicant (now the student) should register with the Immigration Office and then apply for a student ID. Mrs. Bőczin-Sirkeci is happy to assist the students in these matters. The final step is for the student to begin his/her studies as a university citizen with full rights and also subject to the rules, rights and obligations that apply to any other student.