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Hungary at a glance

Hungary is a beautiful landlocked EU country situated in the Carpathian Basin, in the heart of Europe having a lot to offer. Despite being rather small, its beneficial Central European position makes Hungary an appealing destination to live, work or study.


Hungarian Talent Tracking

You must have heard about the creative and inventive spirit of Hungarians. Wherever you go in the world, you will likely bump into Hungarian inventions and life achievements. There are a great number of objects used day by day all over the world which have been invented or developed by Hungarians, even if most people are not aware of their origins.


Pécs Sights

Pécs is a beautiful place to study. Not only because it is simultaneously a friendly village and a very active city, in which you never have to be bored. You can be sure you will find everything that a student could wish.


Culture and Leisure

Pécs University City - we can read the inscription at the border of the town. As a student, why should you choose this place to study?


Shopping in Pécs

When it comes to move abroad, study and start a new chapter of your life, wherever you head for, it is important to have a variety of shopping opportunities. If you decide for the city of Pécs, you will easily find everything you can only wish for, let it be groceries, medications, souvenirs, clothes, school supplies or anything else.


City & Campus map

Have you newly arrived to the city of Pécs? Are you just about to start your studies at the UP? Don't worry about being lost! Since the UP has a unique campus infrastructure throughout the beautiful city centre, we would like to help you find your way around.