International activity of the Faculty

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International relations of UP’s Faculty of Humanities


Our Faculty has every reason to be proud of its extensive teaching and research relations, one of the most comprehensive ones at the entire University.

The Faculty of Humanities is home to the Ibero-American Centre, the Africa Centre and the Russian Centre, and it also runs a German foundation professorship supported by Germany.

Many of our teaching staff and research associates are members of various international scientific organizations, foreign universities and research centres. On the other hand, our Faculty as an organisation is also represented in several international bodies. The number of memberships in international organisations is over 200.

The number of our exchange programmes is very high even by international standards. Our valid and functioning Erasmus agreements alone exceed 200. In addition, our Faculty actively participates in several scholarship programmes such as ERASMUS+, Tempus Public Foundation (TKA) grants, Hungarian Scholarship Committee (MÖB) grants, DAAD and Fulbright grants as well as many popular EU programmes (EVS, CEI) and the grants provided by the Austrian-Hungarian Action (AÖU). Many foreign students of Hungarian origin come to study in the training programmes reserved for Hungarians living beyond the national borders (Alps-Adriatic Cooperation). We also have several bilateral relationships and regularly participate, either as a main applicant or as a member of a consortium, in international tenders.

As a more recent development, we have established an agency network to help recruit international students with members in many countries from Germany through Great-Britain, Syria and China to Turkey. As a result of the international recruitment programme, nearly 100 students are currently studying at our Faculty, and their number is constantly trending higher every year. We also participate in cross-continent teaching programmes as a recipient institution, which is demonstrated, amongst others, by the Brazilian Science Without Borders programme and the Stipendium Hungaricum grant financed by Hungarian funds.

We also have our own summer semester organised for the second time in 2014, the Summer University of Hungarians Living Beyond the National Borders. In addition, the summer course offered in the English language, the Pécs Debate Academy (PDA), which developed out of the International Cultural Week in Pécs (ICWiP), is another official programme of the Faculty. The Ibero-American plans to launch its own programme in Spanish in 2015, designed for Hungarian, Ibero-American and East-Central European students.

In the spirit of internationalisation, the Faculty of Humanities runs several joint MA programmes too, such as the Joint Master of Arts Programme in International Relations: Europe in the Visegrád Perspective launched in cooperation with the University of Krakow and financed by the Visegrád Fund.  The development of another MA programme is underway in partnership with the University of Belgrade and the University of Koper. This programme, the Joint MA Expert in Latin American Studies, will be launch in 2016.

In addition, the Faculty regularly hosts foreign visiting professors, researchers, ambassadors and diplomats of various countries as well as representatives of the Hungarian minorities.