Science & research

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With its 10th–12th ranking among more than 150 institutions of higher education in Hungary, the Faculty of Humanities attaches great importance to research work and the high scientific potential of its teaching staff.

Close to 85% of its staff of 250 have a PhD degree; 27 of them have a DSc. degree and 2 of them are members of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (HAS).

The Faculty runs seven doctoral schools, with a total number of 21 programmes, in the following areas: philosophy, interdisciplinary studies, literary studies, linguistics, education, psychology, demography and sociology.

In addition to research pursed at the doctoral schools, there are several research centres doing intensive research in the area of romology, Irish studies, Australian studies, African studies, Ibero-American studies, Eastern European studies, Balkan studies, the Renaissance and Patristics.

The intensive publication activities of the Faculty’s teaching and research staff have produced over two thousand independent books and collections of papers over the last three decades.

The Faculty regularly organises international conferences and symposia and hosts numerous visiting lecturers.

The honorary doctors of the Faculty feature renowned scholars like Jacques Derrida, Richard Rorty, Ferenc Fejtő, Manfred Frank, and Yevgeny Yevtushenko.

One of the outstanding results achieved in international competitions is the European Research Council Advanced Grant awarded to Éva Pócs, professor of the Department of Ethnography and Cultural Anthropology with a budget of EUR 2 million for a period of five years. The aim of this research project is to study some key phenomena of popular religion in an anthropological, historical and folklore context in a religious border zone of East-Central Europe.

One of the important indicators of research pursued at the Faculty is the education of the new generation of scholars: our gifted students have won numerous awards at the National Conference of Student’s Scholarly Circles held biannually.