Student life

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Pécs offers a wide range of opportunities for fun including culinary delight and cultural experiences as well as concerts and parties well into the night. You can find most of the historic spots that are worth seeing in various tourist guides but in order to discover the real pulses of Pécs, you should carefully touch and feel them by your own hand.

Most of the cool places are within a five-minute walk from one another in the city centre. It is also generally known which places are preferred by the students of each faculty. You can meet students from the Faculty of Humanities mainly in Csinos (Pretty), a great place with a large garden, in Nappali (Living Room), the best choice for a coffee and a chat, or in Szoba (Room), the most underground place of all in in the city. When the warm-up round is over and you also feel like dancing, you should go to the official club of the Faculty of Humanities, Szenes (Coaly) (parties every Mondays), the centrally located venue for lots of concerts, EstCafe or Sörház (Beerhouse).

If you want to get the feeling of Pécs from a cultural aspect, your best bet is to take a look at some of the renewed spectacular shop windows in Király Street (Periszkóp Radio Studio, contemporary galleries) or visit the open workshop of the impromptu theatre, PISZE on Tuesdays.

For those going in for sport, there are several fitness centres in the city as well as great hiking routes on the Mecsek Hills and a bicycle path leading to the nearby Orfű (13 km) offering a wonderful opportunity for recreation.