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Thesis, final examination 2019/20/1

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Dear Students,


The deadline for submitting your thesis in the autumn semester of 2019/2020 is 1 PM on October 25, 2019.

This is also the deadline for applying for the final exams.



The thesis must be submitted in 2 printed and bound copies at the RO.


The necessary documents to be handed in with the thesis are the followings and they are available on the link below:


Thesis Topic Report form (to be signed by supervisor and the Head of  the Programme)


Application form for Final Exam (be signed by your supervisor before handing in your thesis)


Data Sheet



Also, as part of the thesis you need to confirm that you understand what plagiarism is, and declare that your thesis does not contain any of it. For this, you need to print and sign the attached Declaration of Originality form in both of your theses, BOUND in the beginning or at the very end. (Please make sure you include this before you go to have your thesis bound.)


You will also have to give the electronic copy of your thesis to the Faculty in the form they have set (CD/sent in email/uploaded via usb drive). If you need to submit a CD version, please make sure your name and major and the year is written on the CD’s surface.


Late thesis submission is only possible with the following conditions:

- last day of late submission: 4th November, 2019 (at 12 o’clock)

- late submission fee: 1000 HUF/day (on 29th March5000 HUF)

- you need to attach a written consent of your supervisor, who allows your thesis to be submitted 1-5 days later

- payment to be done via Neptun/Cashier (If you have problem, please contact


There is no exception regarding the due date of submission. No thesis is accepted after 4th November, 2019.










Students who had already submitted their thesis and have their opponent’s and consultant’s reports have to apply for the final exam by submitting the following forms: Application form for Final Exam and Data Sheet (



I would like to draw your attention to the fact that the Final Examination fee for students not having student status is 10.000 HUF.


You can meet your payment obligation in the following way:


by bank transfer: with the name of the university (Pécsi Tudományegyetem) bank account number of the university (10024003-00282716-00000000), the message field should contain your name and your NEPTUN code and the type of the fee: Final Exam.

Swift code/BIC       MANEHUHB

Beneficiary’s IBAN            HU30 10024003-00282716-01110009


Please do not forget to submit the bank receipt to the Registrar’s Office or email it to:!



Mária Huszárné Mánfai



10th October, 2019